How does it work?

  • Simply install the App from the Apk File you can download here or
    Get it on Google Play
  • Start it and scan the QRCode from above by using the Start-Button.
  • Grant the Android Permission to the App to access the screen.
  • Then your phones-screen will be shown within the Web-Page in your Browser.


  • Is your screen is published to everyone?

    NO - it doesn't leave your local Network!
    Your phone only needs to be in the same network as the computer, where you've started your Browser. To test is you shoule usually be able to ping your phone and if any firewall or so is between your pc and our phone ensure that port 8888 is open for http-traffic.

  • What do i need?

    An Android Phone (> Android 5 Lollipop) and a computer with a browser (Chrome/Mozilla are fully supported - others not tested but should work) in the same network (usually same Wifi).

  • Why is the Page not encrypted by using https?

    To be able to embed an local website from your phone we need to use normal http.
    But the connection from the Phone to the Server and everything else in the background is secured by https!

  • I have connection problems...

    Please check that your Phone is connected to the same network as your computer and restart the connection if needed.

  • The screen refresh is very slow!

    You can easily configure the refresh rate with the slider on the bottom.
    Moving it to the rocet makes it faster moving it to the snail makes it slower.
    But if you still have performance issues please check the Wifi connection speed - perhaps your Wifi signal is too weak or your phone is too busy.

  • I like your app...

    Great! please give me some stars and a short review on Google Play. ;)

  • I have additional Questions...

    please send a mail to

  • Who created it ?

    My Name is Stefan M. Marek you get get more information about me - look here:

  • Disclaimer

    Even if i try to keep securtiy high - i cannot be held responsible for any problems you get because your local network isn't save or your system is unsafe. You have also to check on your own, if the content you're presenting is allowed to be presented to others.
    This App is just an simple app - you have to check what you are allowed to do with it or not.
    Last point - I do not intend to track any of your internal or personal data, as there are Google-AdSense/AdMob Advertisings on my page and in the app i cannot control everything, that is happening in there. About that topics please read the related documentation of Google.